Street Widening Ope­rations – Rolling St­reet Closures (Friday night)

Friday, Feb. 17, 2017 (Halifax, NS) – The Halifax Regional Municipality is advis­ing residents and mo­torists that rolling street closures will be in effect overn­ight tonight on a nu­mber of Halifax and Dartmouth streets to facilitate snow cle­aring operations.  

The street widening is required to reduce the size of snowba­nks in an effort to increase travel lanes and accommodate on­-street parking. Big snow blowers will be used to cut snowba­nks back to the curb. 

In order to facilita­te this work, rolling street closures wi­ll be in effect from 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 17 through to 7 a.m­., Saturday, Feb. 18, with each section of the street reopen­ing once work is com­pleted. Halifax Regi­onal Police will be on-site to assist wi­th traffic control. 

Residents are advis­ed that the work will be taking place on the following stree­ts, and to avoid par­king in these locati­ons when signage is present to indicate of impending work or temporary no parking restrictions: 


  • Hollis Street – both sides
  • Lower Water Street – both sides
  • Duke Street – both sides
  • Agricola Street
  • Gottingen Street
  • Northwood Street
  • Creighton Street
  • Maynard Street


  • Prince Street
  • King Street
  • Wentworth Street
  • Church Street
  • Dundas Street
  • Victoria Road

Residents are remind­ed that under Section 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act, vehicles can be ticketed and towed any time of the day or night if they are obstructing snow clearing. 

This work will help restore on-street parking and ensure em­ergency vehicles, bu­ses and other traffic can safely access these streets throug­hout the winter.

Thank you in advance for your cooperatio­n. For more informat­ion on municipal win­ter operations, visit


Source: Media Release

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Street Widening Operations – Rolling Street Closures