Stroke Me Clover, I’m ¼ Irish

Today is St Patrick’s Day and even though I’m not going out and celebrating like I use to “back in the day”, I am embracing my Irish Heritage today!

It’s funny, I only clued in about 30 minutes ago that I don’t actually embrace my Irish bloodline the way I should and that when people ask me “what are you?” I always say “I’m Scottish!” and nothing more.  I’m a ridiculously proud Scotsman (I mean, it IS my name) but in all fairness, I’m only half Scottish.  I’m also ¼ Irish and ¼ French as well.

So today is the day where I start admitting that I’m part Irish, and I begin trying to learn more about my Irish family heritage and the Riley family name by going to my favorite Irish Pub and having a Guinness in honor of my ancestors.


Did you know that a pint of Guinness Draught (16oz) has 196 calories, 0g of fat, only 18g of carbs and 1.6 gram of protein?  Because today is St. Patrick’s Day, I’m willing to call this a balanced!!


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