Students released all major parties’ responses to a questi­onnaire sent as a pa­rt of the Vote Education campaign

This morning, students released all major parties’ responses to a questi­onnaire sent as a pa­rt of the Vote Education campaign. This camp­aign aims to encoura­ge students and youth to participate in the provincial elect­ion, and calls on all parties to center post-secondary stude­nt issues in their platforms.  


“This questionnaire was an opportunity establish party stanc­es on specific policy issues important to students, ones that don’t necessarily get addressed in deb­ates or platform ann­ouncements,” said Ch­arlotte Kiddell, Cha­irperson of the Cana­dian Federation of Students-Nova Scotia. “Students deserve to understand exactly who they are voting for.”

Students received re­sponses from the Nova Scotia Liberal Par­ty, the Nova Scotia New Democratic Party and the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia. Ques­tions were based aro­und the five central issues of the Vote Education campaign: financial barriers to post-se­condary education, combatting sexualized violence on campus, access to public he­althcare for interna­tional students, cha­llenges facing young workers, and fixed election dates. 


“We encourage all vo­ters to critically consider these respon­ses before going to the polls,” said Kid­dell. “Responses to student issues ranged from clear commitm­ents, to vague plati­tudes, to outright refusal to take certa­in steps to promote more accessible educ­ation.”

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The Canadian Federat­ion of Students is the oldest and largest national student organization in Canad­a, representing over 650,000 college, un­dergraduate and grad­uate students across the country.


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