Stuff White People Like: How “white” are you?

This is only mildly TV related but I find it hilarious and it’s my blog, so I’ll post if I want to.

Stuff White People Like is one of my favorite blogs – you may have heard of it. It’s devoted to listing and describing things that white people love. Some of it applies to me, and some of it doesn’t – which is perfect because I’m pretty much white, but have a more interesting ethnic background than some people may initially thing. (Interesting anecdote: My great-grandmother was Lebanese. I used to work in a grocery store and was often asked by other Lebanese people if I am Lebanese. Other people do not think I am Lebanese. But Lebanese people can spot me a mile away. Strange, yes?)

Now for the TV part – I was browsing the complete list of stuff white people like and noticed a few TV related posts. One was “Not having a TV” – obviously, this is a thing that white people like that I cannot at all relate to. But apparently DVD box sets are another story for us white folk. “The Wire” and “Mad Men” are two more things that white people love, as well as the World Cup. Guilty as charged! You can read about why I think life isn’t complete without The Wire in the most recent DVD Flashback Friday and since I am two episodes into season one of Mad Men and loving it, expect a post on that soon too. And in case you were wondering, I’m rooting for Ghana in the World Cup now that South Africa has been eliminated. I know, you weren’t wondering. But I don’t know enough about soccer to write a full World Cup post and I had to make my love of Bafana Bafana public.

So do only white people love the World Cup, The Wire or Mad Men? I think these shows are universal. After all, Barack Obama has been known to list The Wire as one of his favorite shows and I don’t think that was just his white DNA talking. Which got me thinking – how white are you? I went through the whole list and divided it into two categories – stuff I love, and stuff I don’t love. It turns out that of 133 items that white people love, I only love 72 of them – making me 54% white, by the blog’s description. Obviously, this is completely unscientific and just for fun – if you can’t laugh at race, then I feel really bad for you. So check out the blog (I promise, it’s funny) and find out how white you are.

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