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{style} Lace Up Heels

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I’m not going to lie I’m a huge wimp when it comes to heels. Mostly because (a) they hurt, and (be) my feet never stay in them. So you can imagine my excitement to find a pair of mid-to-low heels that also laced up.

FEATURED ITEMS: Ghille Pumps, c/o Le Chateau (available online here) | Rag & Bone Jeans, c/o Aritzia | Jacket, c/o Silver Icing | Tee, Ardene (worn backwards, and also purchased for my dance recital but I actually kind of love it) | Sunglasses, Celine Thin Preppy c/o Smart Buy Glasses | Watch, c/o Bulova | Bag, Forever 21 |
Having narrow feet I am most certainly of the minority. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I really think I could win a world record for my narrow feet. And I mean it’s all fun and games, and it makes for a great party trick, but finding shoes is no laughing matter. 
A friend of mine’s mom was like “oh isn’t it cute how Kayla always wears the same shoes” being a style blogger one assumes I have a plethora of everything,  but the sad thing is while I do have a lot of clothing brand partners at my disposal almost nearly all shoes that don’t have straps or a buckle don’t stay on my feet. So if you happen to catch me wearing the same shoes over and over it’s because they are the only ones that actually fit (sort of). 
All this to say that I’m sooooo happy the lace up (or Ghille) trend is having a major moment right now because I can actually pull off cute shoes. Not that chucks aren’t cute, but I mean sometimes you want to wear something a little more sexy right?
I’m smitten for these Lace-up shoes (available at Le Chateau $129), and anyone who follows me on Snapchat knows I was between these shoes, and another pair of floral wedges, and literally couldn’t decide so I got both.  Ya’ll know I’m not really one for compromising. 
Hope you’re having a great week, and don’t miss out on some sweet giveaways on our instagram @shortpresents (link here) ! 
And I’ll be away in NYC next week so things might get a little quiet around here, but be sure to follow along on our social media accounts @shortpresents. Thanks to Fido Roam I’ll be snapping my way around the big apple. 

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