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{style} Picnic Fun In The Sun

Kayla Short, Short Presents, Lifestyle Blogger, Halifax Blogger

When life gives you lemon(ade)s you plan a picture perfect picnic with your gal pals in your favorite party dresses right? While the weather recently hasn’t been the most kind (we shot these last weekend) I’m definitely looking forward to spending my summer laughing, indulging, and of course taking selfies with these beauties!

Fun summer ideas,
Christian Paul Watches, Pseudio Dresses, Winners Fab Find,  Maggy London, Kayla Short, Short Presents, Lifestyle Blogger, Halifax Blogger

Jacquie (far left) | Senore Dress, Aritzia (other colors here and printed here). Necklace, Shop for Jayu. Shoes, Steve Madden.
Kerrianne |  Dress, Winners. Necklace, Icing. Bracelet, Bizou.
Taylor |  Dress, Pseudio Clothing. Necklace, Bizou
Kayla | Dress, Maggy London (similar here). Necklace, Le Chateau. Watch, c/o Christian Paul. Shoes, c/o Nine West.

And for fun I pulled some SUPER adorable garden party inspired dresses in case you’re looking for ideas for your next wedding, garden party or picnic !

As we get older (and busier) we can tend to get really busy doing our own thing, but I think it’s so important to make time for your friends. These girls are among my favorite people, and we’re always planning our next adventure (which usually involves some kind of theme).  Because I live in the North End I’ve wanted to plan a cute little picnic on the commons for what feels like FOREVER, and I’m so glad we were finally able to make it happen. 
When you’re as busy as we are (we are a very educated bunch Yay Kerrianne on her Ph.D) it can be im-possible to coordinate schedules alone, so preparing something to eat for the picnic? Um forget it. Before the girl came over I hit up Wendy’s and grabbed us some ice cold lemonades (Strawberry and Original), and of course some grub! Let’s be real I never met a french fry I didn’t love!
While picking up our goodies I also need to mention that the guy working at the Wendy’s (At the Quinpool Location) was SO nice. I mean I kind of was ordering all over the place because I wanted a bunch of different things, but he combined them together to save me some money (so nice). He even complimented me on my hair (so sweet) and not in a creepy way I really felt like it was sincere. Anyways… it totally made my day because I was running around like a lunatic to get everything ready for this shoot that it really put a positive spin on the day. A compliment or an act of kindness REALLY can go along way you guys. 
If there’s ever an opportunity for me to wear a pretty dress and eat french fries you know I’ll be there! I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as we enjoyed shooting it. And if you’re looking to do the same for your friends be sure to enter our giveaway on instagram @shortpresents because we’re giving away some gift cards to help you get started! 
Have a great weekend blog reader!!! 


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*The post was sponsored by Wendy’s, however all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you for supporting my partners.

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