Suffragette City: in which we get sort of political

L-A: Happy election day, Canadians! I haven’t been paying super close attention to the election, but that’s because I’m quite happy to re-elect an incumbent. Anyway, we’re not going to talk about our personal politics – we have those, but they’re not for the blog – we’re just going to talk voting and voting fashion. Because last week it was the 93rd anniversary of NS ladies getting the vote. Folks, my nana is 93. The vote in this province is as old as my nana. Which is kind of nuts (nuttier is that ladies in the country she lived in – Newfoundland – didn’t get the vote for another ten years).

So, in honour of those ladies and the fact that it’s voting day, let’s look at suffragette fashion!

Kidding. Disney’s suffragette’s look isn’t quite as awesome as that of the real deals:

So, how does one get that look? Start with a really awesome hat, that’s how. Apparently, suffragette style hats aren’t the rage right now – especially with summer coming up. But beach hats and fedoras just aren’t going to cut it for this look. So here’s what I’m coming up with right now:

something with a brim and a trim

The brim on this Brixton hat isn’t quite wide enough, but it’ll have to do. (I’m a fan of Brixton…bought the mister one of their hats a few years ago and he loves it).

a bit too frilly, but I like the bow.

Love this hat from Anthropologie…but could be the navy and white stripes.

I'm sorry…what is this outfit?

The hat is actually cute and might be approved for summer suffragette wear. I could have given you a better picture, but I had to share the outfit. I don’t even know what is happening there.

For the ladies who got the vote later, a cloche.

(cloche by Eugenia Kim)

Forget that royal wedding, let’s have dead feminists bring back the hat. Look at these ladies:

And you thought Carrie Bradshaw started the newspaper as a dress look? Oh hells no. Sufragettes were on that one already.

Who wore it better?

Suffragettes! Leading the way in feminism and fashion! Well done, sister suffragettes. Let’s listen to Bowie and then go vote.

(song is only related because of title…but I enjoy some Bowie from time to time).

Ally: I love a good election. It’s got all the elements; passion, tears, over-acting. Quite similar to the crap lifetime move about Wills and Kate discussed on the blog last week.



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I mean, c'mon.




 My new love for Pippa Middleton is ridiculous. She’s like Sienna Miller to me, but more klassy-like. It’s amazing that there is now a Facebook page dedicated to the fake love between Pippa and Harry. Keep bringing it. We’re in.

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If this was my sister, and she showed up at my wedding dinner wearing this…bitch would be serving bread and butter rolls all night long.



 In other news I want white jeans.

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