summer berries & yogurt – make it tonight!

summer berries & yogurtSummer berries with yogurt has to be one of the easiest desserts to make!  Forget about the whipping cream and use yogurt made with grass fed milk (no added sugars).  Grass fed milk, yogurt or butter tend to have a sweeter flavor than from cows fed a diet of grains.  I’ve been buying grass fed milk yogurt from the grocery store for months now and it’s so good!  A bonus in that it’s made in Canada and costs less than other similar-sized yogurt (500g). I often take a peek in the health food section of a grocery store just to see what’s being carried and to price shop.  Not all is expensive.

Mr. S and I used to buy individual fruit yogurt containers for whenever we wanted a quick snack.  Then I noticed how much sugar was added.  Of course there are naturally occurring sugars in yogurt but according to Livestrong, “the average fruit-flavored yogurt can contain close to 32 grams of sugar per 6-ounce serving, though nutrition labels don’t reveal how much of that is added sugar.”  This means that the average 6-ounce serving of fruit-flavored yogurt already exceeds the daily limit for women and comes close to the daily limit for men.  The yogurt I buy contains 7 grams of sugar per 3/4 cup.

When buying fruit flavored yogurt, check the sugar content.  If you plan to give it to your children, make sure it’s under 25 grams.  Otherwise, that tiny yogurt packet, used as a snack, is giving them half their daily recommended sugar dose!

summer berries
grass fed milk yogurt
maple syrup
handful fresh mint leaves, chopped (optional)

In a serving dish add yogurt, berries and top with a drizzle of maple syrup.  Serve as is or top with mint or your favorite chopped nuts.

The Culinary Chase’s Note:  A dessert easy enough for your kiddos to help make.  If you liked this dessert, then check out my posting on citrus fruit salad with roasted pecans.  Enjoy!

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