Summer Camp Update


Hello to all!

This is John here checking in from the Resource Opportunities Centre in Terence Bay. Here’s what’s been happening so far this summer.

Our first camp began on July 7th. Participants had a few small projects that they worked on throughout the week that included their beach stone paintings and wooden picture frames. We saw a variety of great work! We also got a chance to get out and explore the fine attractions this community has to offer. The kids visited the SS Atlantic Memorial site on two separate occasions. Our first visit included a stop at the museum, followed by a treasure hunt that lead the kids all around the memorial site and to the buried treasure at the Sandy Cove beach.

Our final day had arguably the nicest weather we’ve seen yet this summer, with not one cloud in the sky. The kids crafted their own Olympic flags, which they took with them to our Mini-Olympics on the ball field. We then finished our day with a picnic lunch at the SS Atlantic site and a lovely hike to the Sandy Cove lighthouse.

There are still two camps remaining this summer, running from August 4-6, and August 18-20. They tend to fill up quickly so it is advised to book in advance!

For more information please contact us at 852-2622, or send me an email at, or check out

Madison Violet Video Interview

A common sight on Nova Scotia beaches in the summer are spotted sandpipers, which like to scurry along the shoreline. What does this have to do with surfing? Nothing. We've posted the photo because we've run out of fresh material, thanks to another protracted lull.

Surfing has been strictly for the birds