Sun Sangria at The Cove

On the Saturday afternoon following my arrival, Maria and I took a walk down to Queen Street mall to do my ‘life admin’; open a bank account, get a new SIM card, etc.  We decided to eat at one of the lovely open-ended restos on the South Bank, so we walked over the bridge and along the riverbank while Maria pointed out the various city attractions/landmarks.  We ended up at Cove Bar + Dining, one of several lovely 3-walled restos whose front side is open to the Brisbane river.  Maria chose this spot as the climatic conditions, i.e: sunny and hot, were perfect for a nice pitcher of refreshing sangria.

The list of Sangria was impressive; there were only 3 selections for both white and red, but the ingredient list alluded to some completely different flavour profiles.  We chose the Latin Kings; a blend of Hennessey V.S, Tuaca (a vanilla-citrus liqueur), lemon juice, cloves, cardamon, cinnamon, star anise, OJ and red wine.   I couldn’t help but think of the similarities to mulled wine and how good a glass of that would be on a cold night in Canada!

Latin Kings Sangria ($45/carafe)

Of course, what’s a good drink without some bar snacks?  We ordered the classic; fries and aioli.  I LOVE the fries in Oz!  They remind me of the incredible fries at Durty Nelly’s! They’re beautiful fat chips with a crispy exterior and soft within.  They’re the right mix of slightly greasy, deep-fried goodness, but they won’t leave those guilt inducing oil blobs on the basket paper.  These ones had the added bonus of truffle salt, and a tangy Parmesan aioli on the side.

 Fries w/ Truffle & Parmesan Aioli ($9)

As the sun set, we had another lovely walk along the riverbank back to New Farm.  In the late-afternoon sun, the water sparkled and I couldn’t help but feel perfectly content at the decision that I had made to move to another continent on the opposite side of the planet.  

We had mustered up an appetite on the walk home and as we climed the steps to M&J’s apt., I could smell the earthy aroma of Josh’s slow cooker lamb curry wafting down the staircase.  He had also made some homemade Naan bread, and when he ladled the curry into bowls, we all sat back for a comfoting home-cooked meal in the place I now call “home”.


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