SUNDANCE ’11 – Update #4

Author: Zoe Dunsworth
January 22nd – 8:50pm

(Now I’d like to welcome the trip’s first guest-blogger, the film’s Extras Casting Director, Zoe Dunsworth telling her tales of yesterday’s premiere of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN!)

(Above: on the left, Krista Comeau–right, Zoe Dunsworth at the premiere after-party)

This morning Glen, Adam, Kevin, Henry and I got up really early to see some short films, and met up with Jon Eisener, John Davies, Cat Maltais, Krista and Jason.  One of them was that Beastie Boys music video everybody keeps talking about (Fight for Your Right Revisited).  It was pretty funny, and jam packed with famous people, but seemed a bit out of place at Sundance in my opinion.  My favorite were an Australian student’s film set on a Russian submarine called “Deeper Than Yesterday” and a mysterious short film called “The Strange Ones”.

Molly had an interview with ET Canada this afternoon. She apparently said “Bluts” instead of “blood and guts”, but we’re hoping that coins a new term!

The world premiere of Hobo With A Shotgun was at the Library theatre- and when we arrived an hour early people were already lining up to get in.  Die hard fans were in front of us in the line-up,  saying that this was the best night of their lives. Glen and Henry wore bright orange Hobo with a Shotgun hats and everybody kept asking them “Where did you get those hats?!?!”

Before the screening, a short Canadian film played:  ”The Legend of Beaver Dam”.  It was hilarious and incredible and blew everybody away.  When the music started for Hobo, everything got quiet- people took it really seriously.

A couple of women left the theatre at the school bus scene, but other than that it seemed like everybody LOVED it. I hadn’t seen the film before so it was completely fresh for me-  and surpassed my expectations.  Because I worked on it, I found it hard to watch the film as well as notice all of the details- the actors, extras, wardrobe, set design, SPFX, music, sound design, etc. All were done by friends and family so I wanted to take it all in.  I’ll be excited to watch it again so that I can pick up on more things!

After the screening we all headed to the after party in the snow.

(Left: Jason Shipley, Centre: Zan Rosborough, Right: Karim Hussain)

At first we thought that the party was really strange, since when we arrived it was jam packed with people who weren’t crew members and who weren’t at the screening. After a few drinks at the open bar it got better though.

Stars we saw last night: Ben Foster walked past us on the street and spoke to Glen; Elijah Wood was at the party and a bunch of our crew met him (not me); The slap chop guy and  Shooter McGavin walked past us; Molly met Rachel Leigh Cook; Molly also saw Kristin Kreuk; Jody Hill and Danny McBride were also at the party, says Glen.

When the party died down at around 4 AM all of the Hobo crew went to the house that Jason et al are staying at and started checking reviews. All of them are positive so far!

On the way to the house, Henry and I talked to this guy who insisted that he had been to Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. He said he had camped there for two months and showed us this scar on his arm to “prove it”. I asked him where Nova Scotia is and he said it was between Alaska and Russia. He was entirely serious.

We stayed out until around 5AM, which is 8 AM in NS. The taxi van back to our townhouse was jam packed with eight of us: Glen (in the trunk), Nova, Karim, Zan, Adam, Henry, Kevin and I.

Something’s gotta give.