Gosh I have been so busy!
You have probably guessed by my absence:)
I have been working madly on getting some paintings done for a wee show!
This is a sneak preview.
It happened by accident because my favourite proprietor was in need and I thought hmm, I could probably pull it together and I did. I am!

Things to do :
Today is a gloriously sunny one and I can hardly wait to get outside and start clearing up.
I also have started reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for my bookclub. We are late coming to that show. I’ve heard it is a great book.Want to get to it today.
Make Keith Urban’s quiche
More painting….
A good friend is taking me to see SuryaChandra tonight ……should be interesting!

The Torture of Bad Trailers: Dinner For Schmucks, Grown Ups, After.Life

Change of Plans