Sunny R&R Day 3 (Wednesday)

Today was a day devoted to no “on the go” plans at all, just good old fashioned R&R.  I slept in to about 9 a.m. and then fixed some breakfast at the condo.  My breakfast was perfect every which way about it – taste, and perfectly healthy and well balanced.  I had a toasted organic mini wheat bagel with organic cream cheese, organic greens & organic cherry tomatoes and topped with an organic egg + an egg white (I heart Whole Foods :-D).  Along side was vanilla Oikos + organic raspberries and a glass of Calcium enriched + vitamin D Tropicana!


After a little TV watching, we got ourselves ready to spend a few hours by the pool.  We got there early enough that there were people there, but still a table available, so we snatched it.

I know that pregnant women aren’t supposed to go in hot tubs, but I found myself running into it for a minute after dipping in the pool and it was glorious and soooo sooooo relaxing!  I certainly didn’t let myself stay submerged long enough to cause any harm and often sat with my legs in, but was a highlight of my morning.  Even hubby got into the pool and hot tub too 🙂
I enjoyed this Protein Cookie Dough Luna bar for a snack by the pool with some water.  This was really really good!  If I remember before I got back, I might try to snag a few of these to day home:


The sun was shining bright with beautiful puffy clouds in the sky and then I noticed this little guy poking his head out of the grate by our table:


And then out he came…Hi Sallie!


After a few hours I didn’t want to over do it in the sun already, so we packed it up and headed back to the condo to fix some lunch and relax.  Lunch was a combo of my leftover pasta from supper from the night before and a delicious salad! 


Salad consisted of: greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocado, goat cheese, granny smith apple, edamame hummus, Annies balsamic vinaigrette + drizzle of honey.


The perfect refreshing fancy “vacay” bevvie was some fancy sparkling mineral water + lemon + a touch of sugar served up in a margarita glass 🙂

Then I thought an afternoon nap would be a fabulous idea seeing it was the theme of our day and I better grab them on the down days, so I napped for about an hour and a half.  Then it was up and at ‘em, showered and ready to do some more shoppity shop shop at Babies R Us!  Can you tell I’m enjoying the top down (and the shopping?!)

It pained me to keep swiping the ol’ credit card, but we made out like bandits with more items for the baby that we needed:

  • My brest friend nursing pillow
  • mesh crib bumper pad
  • bassinette fitted sheets
  • fleece crib fitted sheet
  • Halo sleep sacs
  • swaddlers
  • wash cloths
  • hooded towel
  • burb cloths
  • a few more onesies
  • cutie outfit or two

We were then wishing we had bought the breast pump at BRU because the same pump had a special where you got $30 in free Medela nursing accessories for free with purchase! It was too bad I already opened the other one so that I could pack it better in the suit case!

Then it was out for supper at The Olive Garden (another must for us on vacay it seems):


We skipped the appies since there’s always yummy salad & breadsticks:


I decided to get a fun fruity drink which was a virgin strawberry mango margarita:


It was actually sooooooooper sweet and I couldn’t even drink it.  Too bad 🙁

For my main I ordered the Chicken Scampi because I always order pasta when at The Olive Garden!  It was then that I wished I didn’t already have pasta the evening before AND leftover for lunch!  Ah well, I’m carb loading for our big day tomorrow at our first theme park! 😉  There is something I absolutely love about angel hair pasta. 


It was a beautiful night and we still didn’t have our internet or hear back from the condo owners about their plan to fix it, so hubby offered to go to Starbucks with me so I could get some Wi-fi access (hence my two posts below that I managed to get published).  I couldn’t get myself on the starbucks network for some reason – not sure if my account is only Canadian or not, but I managed to hop onto “Jane’s” open network and I was on my way! 🙂  We now have word that the cable guy will be by our condo on Friday to hook us up hard wired for cable!  It will be nice not to be posting two and three days at a time piggy backing off of a random internet signal in the parking lots! lol

After I got those two posts up, Hubby and I thought we’d take a cruise down to Downtown Disney to check it out and grab an ice cream cone and enjoy the mild early evening:

IMG_7840  IMG_7830IMG_7838 IMG_7846      
It was a beautiful night and we shared some crazy Haagen Daaz concoction that included wayyy too many calories, fat and sugar and made a mess of myself, but that’s the best part of being on vacation!

Tomorrow we are Animal Kingdom bound!!!

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