Supporting small businesses can be easy

Supporting Halifax-area small business is simpler than you think

(NC) Fifty-five per cent of Canadian small businesses have experienced labour shortages, difficulties hiring, retaining or getting staff to work. Because of this, approximately 45 per cent of Canadian small businesses owners have had to work significantly longer hours, according to a report from Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Supporting our local businesses has never been more important. Thankfully, it has also never been easier. Consider these easy ways to show your support.

1. Leave an online review and share social media channels with your friends and family.

There’s nothing like sharing a thoughtful message of your positive experience with a small business. Take a moment to share your experience on social media platforms and recommend them to friends and family. Want to go the extra mile? Leave them a great online review.

2. Nominate a small business for financial funding and help them pay it forward.

Show your favourite small business some support by nominating them for funding they might not know about, such as the Purolator True North Small Business Grant contest. This can help them to keep their doors open, expand and boost their local economy. Also, through this year’s grant contest, Purolator has added an additional prize of $5,000 that grant recipients will be able to distribute throughout their community.

3. Sign up for their email list

Signing up to an email list allows small business owners to speak to you directly. They can offer you exclusive discounts and learn more about what you want from them as a company. In return, it will allow you to stay up to date with their changing priorities, and in tune with any fun and exciting social media campaigns.

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