Surviving your First Night in Minecraft

The 8 bit blocky sandbox blockbuster developed by mojang is the godfather of its kind. Minecraft has so far been considered as one of the greatest video games of all time, winning several awards for its simple yet fascinating world that might seem so boring at first but you just cannot get enough of it once you get started. It is also the bestselling video game of all time with over 200 million copies sold and 126 million monthly active users. The seemingly cute world of Minecraft is rather unforgiving as you jump into it. You are going to have to keep a few things into mind if you are to survive the blocky universe of Minecraft.

The race for survival kicks off as you spawn; you have to collect as many resources as you can before the nightfall. With the dark comes all the evil that you have to deal with in the game.

Minecraft Survival 101

You might feel a bit lost at the start of the game but the first most important thing to do is to mark your spawn point with a dirt pillar at first to note the coordinates. Get yourself some wood blocks and turn them into wooden planks to make a crafting table.

Minecraft comes with a massive range of crafting, which at start is limited to wood and stone. You can collect stone blocks and use the crafting table to get yourself armed with a stone sword to hunt some animals. Hunting animals is key to surviving at first, as it’s your only way to make a bed and sleep through the night. Keeping a constant check on your health bar is a healthy habit to retain. Minecraft might be soft-looking and the 3D graphics make it seem rather childish but it requires players to keep their wits about them and be vigilant at all times and at all costs or be ready to lose your life.

The main focus in the game is in surviving the night as dangerous mobs crawl out of their holes onto the surface and it is the story for the rest of your nights in the game. That is why you need to capitalize your first day in the game as much as you can and not focus on trying to fight the mob and rather avoid it in the first place. The baby steps in the game mainly revolve around gathering, crafting tools, getting food and securing shelter. But if it all seems so tedious for you, you can even grab an old Minecraft account for cheap with all necessary stuff to give you a head start.

Paying attention to time and managing it according to your preferences is a routine to cling on. You can understand the clock of the game by paying attention to the sun and the lighting around you in the world. The visuals are very much related to the game unlike most of the other games and that is another reason why Minecraft stands out in the genre. The journey from being naked to armed and armored in the world of Minecraft is a one you are definitely going to remember.

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