Survivor One World: Ponderosa

Survivor One World: Ponderosa I’ve watched all the Ponderosa videos so that you don’t have to!

The extent of Jonas’s three videos is “Survivor makes you hungry, and food is good”. Not really worth watching – he eats, and cooks, and eats some more. When Mike showed up he had more to say about the game, and he was surprised to get along so well with Jonas since they didn’t get along during the game.

Jay and Mike both lost around 13-ish pounds and gained nine of it back after a couple days at Ponderosa, but Jay lost 30lbs! That seems like a lot. Jay had to face Mike, who he voted out, but it seemed like there weren’t a lot of hard feelings.

They all go on about how great the food is, but do you think it’s just because they’re starving? It didn’t look that great to me. If I just spent twenty-something days on Survivor I’d be starving for carbs and cheese! I didn’t see nearly enough bread or pizza or pasta or cheese. Vegetables? Pffft.

Leif was weirdly emotional after getting voted out – like, sobbing in the van being comforted by the shrink emotional. Bewildered, he said “All the girls, pretty much, I guess, completely lied to me.” Gee, ya think???

So far, Jonas, Mike, Jay and Leif aren’t exactly the most compelling group of people to ever grace Ponderosa. Literally, all they do is cook and eat and talk about food. Things might be a little dull until a gal shows up.

Survivor One World: Ponderosa Survivor One World: Ponderosa Survivor One World: Ponderosa


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