Survivor: Time to make some moves…

I missed writing about Survivor last week as the double episode threw me off. (AKA it didn’t end until 11pm here and I had to go straight o bed.) Last week, all conversations were about Jon and Jaclyn’s huge fight.

I missed writing about Survivor last week as the double episode threw me off. (AKA it didn’t end until 11pm here and I had to go straight o bed.) Last week, all conversations were about Jon and Jaclyn’s huge fight.

It was silly, immature, and poor strategy. And they were both equally at fault. It was annoying to watch them bicker and behave like children, when better players are sitting on the jury.

I’ve noticed a trend with Jon and Jaclyn. Jaclyn is always the one to question other players, to suspect something is not right, to have a hunch about who should be trusted. And she’s usually right. Jon is always the one saying “No, I think it’s OK.”

This time, it was about Natalie. Natalie voted out Alec instead of Keith last week, when she wasn’t able to carry out her plan to blindside Jon. So she had to convince Jon and Jaclyn that her vote had been an error, the result of a misunderstanding, and that she was still part of her alliance. They believed her, and when Jaclyn wondered whether Natalie might be trying to pull one over on her, it was Jon who reassured her. And he paid for it.

Natalie was working behind their back. She’s wanted Jon out since he voted off Jeremy, and I respect the gal’s ability to hold a grudge. That was some patient game play.

Reward Challenge

The Reward Challenge was a close one. Keith, Missy and Jon won a spa day – but it came at a price for Missy, who sprained her ankle during the challenge. As this season’s players are wont to do, Jon decided to give up his spot at the reward. For his wife, you’d think, right? Nope! For Baylor. So, he let a blood pair go off and spend the day bonding with the one guy not in his alliance. Dumb move, bro! Jon has been way too trusting all along.

Baylor was already considering working with Natalie to oust Jon, and the time she spent with Keith during the reward seemed to help her make up her mind. Basically, she came away thinking “He’s not such a bad dude.” That is exactly what you do not want to happen at this stage of the game, Jon.

Natalie volunteered to go to Exile (again, as this season’s players are wont to do – why are they all so nice?!) which left Jon and Jaclyn alone at camp together. Perfect. Great. Hang out with the one person you know won’t turn on you.

Immunity Challenge

Natalie returned from a rough stay at Exile and was greeted with a bowl of rice by her tribe. It was more like a bowl of energy! She won the challenge, which had required a combination of steady-handedness and endurance. I am really, really impressed with Natalie this season. She’s tough, she’s good at challenges, and she played an under-the-radar game up until it was the right time to make a big move. I hope she wins.

Natalie, Baylor and Keith were all solid to vote for Jon. But Missy wouldn’t go back on the promise she’d made him. UGH. I hate loyalty. This is a game! What exactly did Missy expect to happen, had Keith been voted out? That would leave two couples and a single – so both sides would be voting for Natalie’s vote. Missy’s alliance with Jon had an expiration date on it no matter what.

The group decided to split the vote because of Jon’s not-so-secret Immunity Idol. Missy and Baylor voted Jaclyn, Natalie and Keith voted Jon, and Jaclyn and Jon voted Keith. It was a 2-2-2 tie, and Jon did not play his Idol. So, he was eliminated on the second vote. Where do you think that Idol is? In his pocket? It seems unlikely that he would have kept it hidden at camp, somewhere that Jaclyn could access it.

Next Week’s Finale

Only one more episode left! Like I said, I’m rooting for Natalie to win. I think her best shot is to go to final Tribal Council with Baylor and Missy. It’s the only combination that will let her sit next to people who do not have loved ones on the jury. Keith has a guaranteed vote in Wes, Jaclyn has a guaranteed vote in Jon, and Missy/Baylor have a guaranteed vote in each other. Plus, hopefully having the mother and daughter up there would split the votes of jury members who sympathize with them as a pair. (Though I believe Missy would receive more votes than Baylor.)

That said, Keith and Jaclyn seem more unlikable. Can anyone beat Natalie? I think if she can make it into the final three, she’s got a pretty decent shot at winning that money.

Missy could win, I think, if she goes to the finals without Nat. Keith and Jaclyn are desirable players to compete against, but I think she’ll bring Baylor to the end if she can. The same goes for Baylor – I think she’d win against Keith and Jaclyn, but I don’t see the mother/daughter duo breaking up by choice.

Who are you guys rooting for? Who do you think will win? (Theories only, no Internet spoilers!)

Stray thoughts:

  • The way Alec’s mouth hung open during Tribal Council says everything one would need to know about him.
  • Keith thought showers and massages were for girls, but then he found some bacon in the “spa food” wrap and regained his precious masculinity.
  • Jon believing that Nat screwed up the vote was stupid enough. Him telling Jaclyn that he’d definitely “bring it up with the jury” was another thing. It’s not a job interview, dude. It won’t be a deciding factor for them.
  • Missy will struggle through her final days with a sprained ankle. Damn – everyone should get injured at the end of the game! That makes you look like such a baller to the jury!
  • What doesn’t make Missy look like a baller is the speech she made about loyalty right before she flipped on Jon.
  • Jon saying that Natalie winning Immunity made up for her screwing up their vote says everything one would need to know about him.

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