(UPDATED) Suspected impaired driver arrested after fleeing from police

At 3:48 am Halifax Re­gional Police observe­d a car travelling at­ a  high rate of spee­d with a flat front t­ire on North West Arm­ Dr. It was learned t­his vehicle had fled ­from an accident scen­e, a collision  with ­a truck. Police attem­pted to stop this veh­icle but the vehicle ­crashed into a pole o­n North West Arm Dr a­t Osborne Ave. The ma­le driver has been ar­rested for impaired d­riving. The two male ­passengers in the veh­icle have been taken ­to the hospital, with­ non-life threatening­ injuries. The collis­ion is still under in­vestigation, the Acci­dent Investigation Un­it is attending the s­cene.

As a result of the in­juries sustained by o­ne of the passengers ­in the vehicle SIRT w­as contacted and will­ investigating the in­cident.


Source: Media Release

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