Sustainable Perfection

The one thing I did not plan on when planning our big GTG weekend was the aftermath.  By aftermath I mean the toll my body feels because of the supreme poopiness that goes along with:

  1. Minimal sleep for days in a row
  2. Being completely off of my usual schedule which totally threw my body for a loop
  3. Consuming lots and lots of unfavourable foods and beverages causing my digestive system to screech to a hault and consequently making my stomach expand into a Santa Claus-like fashion
  4. My head spinning in keeping up with so many wonderful people, wanting to get the most of every single minute there was
  5. The “low” that goes along with being “high” for 5 days from all of the excitement and laughter and bloggie buddy withdrawal

You would sort of think that when 9 healthy living/weight loss bloggers get together it would produce the opposite, but nope, we let loose and had a frikkin ball doing it!  At first I didn’t know how I felt about letting all the “rules” go out the window, but ya know what???  So friggin what?! 

I was worried about what all of you guys would think of us for acting like teenagers and not being “good” examples for you when push came to shove, but in retrospect, I think there is so much more to be learned here other than “how to act perfect.”

I do accept my social “responsibility” to those of you who look to me as a weight loss inspiration.  I take that very seriously.  In fact, sometimes I take that more seriously than I do being a role model for myself 😉 But if there’s one thing that has truly solidified during the last year of my weight loss struggles is that you don’t have to be perfect!  I’m not perfect!  You don’t have to be perfect to succeed either!  All you have to do is get back on and never give up!

I had quite possibly the best weekend of my entire life partying it up with those fine ladies and their significant others and I wouldn’t trade it in for the 5-10lbs (I haven’t weighed myself to find out) that I’ll have to work my butt off to fight from sticking around.

We agonize during 90% of the year in keeping with a goal of healthy living and weight loss and even though the consequences of letting loose and eating many unhealthy foods and drinks have put me into a place where my clothes are uncomfortable, “for now”, I now realize that this is all par for the course and now an occasional (stress very occasional) welcomed part of my life.  The world is not over because I let loose and overindulged!  If nothing else, it proves to me that I am no longer capable of sustaining that kind of a life! 

THAT IS NO LONGER ME, but it was FUN though!!!! 🙂

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