Sustainable Seafood was officially launched on Monday – and it’s been a long time coming for Marine Biology students Jesse Kelly, Ainsley Hill, Tammy Wilson and Kandace O’Brien. 

“We want to get the idea out to as many people – and promote education and awareness of this issue, and hopefully…contribute something to helping the fish,” said Hill. 

The website highlights local restaurants who use sustainable seafood in their dishes. 

Kelly, Hill, Wilson and O’Brien thought of the idea last June after attending a screening of “The End of the Line,” a documentary about harmful effects of over-fishing and negative fishing practices. After seeing the film, they were inspired to make a change in their own city. 

“We had the information, we had the time, so we thought should try to make a difference,” said Kelly. 

They worked closely with web designers, restaurants, the Ecology Action Center and SeaChoice to develop 

Now, Haligonians can read reviews on restaurants around Halifax that support sustainable fishing practices. 

The term, sustainable seafood, comes down to how the fish are harvested. 

Many larger fisheries use practices like bottom trolling and often over-harvest the seafood, leaving nothing left to support a sustainable eco-system. 

Fisheries that produce sustainable seafood are conscious of the environmental hazards they pose, and employ practices that minimize environmental impacts. 

“We’re promoting the awareness that it is an option. In doing this project we found that there are a lot of organizations working to promote sustainable seafood. It is a choice, you have to be conscious of that. Look for it. Ask for it,” said Kelly. 

The students have already received some positive feedback on the website, and hope to expand its reach beyond the HRM soon. 

This week, the website is featuring Brooklyn Warehouse, a restaurant on Windsor street that offers sustainable dishes such as hook-and-line haddock, Arctic Charr and mussels.

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