Switching on a Favourite, nope.

Anyone who pays attention to my babbling, probably knows I like sandwiches and in particular Meatball or Meatloaf sandwiches. That is how I am wired.

So for about 17 years or so I have only ever ordered the Meatball hero from Salvatore’s which is my favourite sandwich in Halifax.There have always been other heroes available but why would I stray.

Thing is almost any other place I eat, I always try something different but for some reason always Caesar Salad, Original Pizza and the Meatball Hero at Sals.

Today I had to be in the North End at lunch I asked for advice online, on another hero to try so today is a big day and I tried something new. The Ham Hero!

ham hero

This is quite possibly the best Ham sandwich I have ever had, the quality of the Sweet Williams ham (I commented I don’t know why there aren’t more Sweet Williams ham sandwiches out there) to the fresh tasting tomatoes, the smoked mozza, plus the noticeable but not overpowering mushrooms and onions, this sandwich had it all … except Meat Balls :). I really like this sandwich and will definitely make it to my best sandwich list when I update that in the fall, however even from the same origins it can displace my favourite hero, Meat Ball I LOVE YOU still. However if you are a lover of Ham, stop what you are doing and get one of these right away.

I have another conundrum ahead as Salvatore’s expands into their extended space late this summer and starts offering a few more items on the menu , will I be able to stray from usual triple threat.I think I may have to try, and maybe a couple draught will help that decision.

PS I can help but think of Peter Porker the Spectacular Spider-Ham when I say ham hero.


PPS: I managed to order using social media, but I would not suggest that as a rule of thumb

PPPS: BJ had the daily slice, and a San Pelligrino





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