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T minus 4 Days ’till The 4-Hour Body

Two days ago I had an epiphany; I realized that I’m a saboteur when it comes to my progress in the gym and how I look and feel physically and mentally.

The main thing I realized is that when I give myself a “cheat day” or “cheat weekend” I go overboard and it just undoes everything I did all week. I realized that the main culprit is eating A LOT of pizza.  Below is my Twitter feed from a few days ago.

To break it down for you, one slice of pizza (1/8 pizza) from a 14″ Large Hand-Tossed Meat Lover’s pizza from Pizza Hut, has 440 cals, 26g of fat, 39g of carbs and a whopping 1390mg of sodium… IN ONE SLICE!! Monday night I actually had 8 slices… GROSS!

I also realized that I needed to stop just giving advice and actually do what I preach. I want to look and feel a certain way and the only way to do this is to make some changes in my life and make a few sacrifices.

I’m starting my new changes off by reading the book by Tim Ferris called The 4-Hour Body and I’m going to try his lifestyle changes for starters. I don’t know if the book will work or what he recommends will work but regardless, I’m taking a step in the right direction to where I want to be and I’m happy about it.

I’m going to start all of this on Monday and in the mean time, I had a BRILLIANT idea; I’m going to enjoy all of my favorite unhealthy foods one last time over the next four days.

Last night was day 1 of this genius plan consisting of nachos with fajita chili beef, cheesy garlic bread, cheesecake and a dark beer. 1750 cals, 150g of fat and a bunch more stuff I don’t want to calculate.

After eating all of this I felt like a giant blob of crap and today my stomach hates me and I feel like I’m hungover (food hangover?) and after totaling the calories and fat consumed, I may changed my mind and derailed this plan… Although, I’m eating pizza right now for lunch (I have a serious addiction).

I think Saturday night is going to be our “last supper” consisting of some Thai food and beer and probably cheesecake and then it’s onward and upward with the The 4-Hour Body.

Wish me luck.

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