Tackling the Job Hunt

Tackling the Job Hunt

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This week I am tackling the job hunt. Last week my childcare services for the families I worked with all of a sudden were no longer needed as their place of employment was hit with large layoffs. So all of a sudden my source of income is gone.

So this week I hit the job hunting trail running. I am treating my fulltime job hunt as a fulltime job, and if you are a job hunting so should you.

What else am I doing, and how can you my readers possibly help me?

1. Attitude is everything. I am starting my day with gratitude for the small things that I do have. I have a little journal and I am writing a short list of what I am grateful for in the moment.

2. Staying healthy. One can’t job hunt well if you are sick. Eating well, resting, moving are all important. I am also taking my vitamins and trying to get over a cold that I have had for weeks.

3. Networking. Because I have an active online presence I have put it out there I am hireable but more important, I am looking for ways I can help and encourage others. I have found that what works best is me is when I am giving, sharing caring, which is who I am naturally that good things come my way.

4. I have a spreadsheet, every day I am entering my to do list, brands, people I want to connect with to see what might be possible. At the end of the day I check my list. Yesterday and today it was all about connecting with people in my past for references, and applying for 2 open jobs with 2 of my favorite places.Staying organized is a key for a successful job hunt.

5. Taking time away from the job hunt to enjoy the little moments life brings. Having a wee bit of me time will be a key to my sanity.

6. Adjusting the budget. With the loss of income I am down to the bare minimum money wise. I have to be more than careful with every penny. Reality is I have 6 weeks to find a job or I have an empty wallet and that is the harsh reality. 6 weeks folks.It can be done.

7. Asking you my readers, do you know of an open job that you think would be perfect for me?

I am leaving a link here to my Linkedin Profile, just incase you are hiring so this is what I am tackling what about you?

*I am participating in 5minutesformom’s Tackle Tuesday


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