Tacoma Family Medicine in Dartmouth closes: A cause for concern


Note: Only The walk-in clinic is closing.

The community has experienced a significant setback with the closure of a large walk-in clinic, Tacoma Family Medicine. Situated at 58 Tacoma Drive in Dartmouth, this clinic has been a cornerstone of primary healthcare for the local community, offering a range of services including walk-in appointments and family medicine. Its closure not only impacts the immediate vicinity of Dartmouth but also raises broader concerns about access to healthcare in the region.

Impact on the Community

The closure of Tacoma Family Medicine is a blow to the Dartmouth community, which has relied on the clinic for timely and effective medical care. With its convenient location in Tacoma Plaza and operating hours catering to a wide range of schedules, the clinic has been a go-to healthcare facility for many residents. Its absence is likely to be deeply felt, especially among those who depended on its services for ongoing health management.

Mobile Primary Care Clinics: A Temporary Solution?

In light of the closure, Nova Scotia Health has been proactive in offering mobile primary care clinics in the Dartmouth area. These clinics, including the one at Tacoma Family Medicine, have been providing drop-in services to address immediate healthcare needs. While these mobile clinics are a commendable effort to bridge the gap, they may not fully compensate for the loss of a permanent healthcare facility like Tacoma Family Medicine.

Looking Ahead: Concerns and Considerations

The closure of Tacoma Family Medicine raises several important questions. How will the community adapt to the loss of this key healthcare provider? What steps are being taken to ensure that residents continue to have access to primary care services? And more broadly, what does this closure signify about the state of healthcare accessibility in Nova Scotia?

As the community grapples with these questions, the closure of Tacoma Family Medicine serves as a reminder of the critical role that primary care clinics play in maintaining public health. It underscores the need for sustainable healthcare solutions that can meet the needs of all residents, ensuring that everyone has access to the care they need when they need it.

For more information on Tacoma Family Medicine and the mobile primary care clinics in Dartmouth, visit Nova Scotia Health’s website and the Doctors Nova Scotia website.

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