take it outside!

Whether preparing your home for sale or just looking for ways to spruce up your home this spring, here are 20 (ish) staging and design tips that will greatly increase your curb appeal.

 Leaves and debris – they constantly accumulate, so clean them up and be diligent about maintaining a tidy look
 Replace all dead plants and flowers
 Remove all decorations from the front yard, porch and door
 Remove all kids toys from the front yard (and the backyard, if selling)
 Garbage and recycling days – don’t miss them! Put out your cans and bins just before garbage day and commit to putting the cans/bins away again as soon as you can after it’s picked up.
 Check garbage cans to make sure they are neatly stored and not overflowing or smelly between scheduled pick up days. If possible, store out of view from the main approach to your home.
 Hose down or power wash driveway and all pathways to the house
 Hose down or power wash patios and decks
 Power wash house (if applicable)
 Repair any crumbling stone, brick, or concrete
 Replace any rotting wood on stairs, railings, and porches
 Clean the bbq and any outdoor furniture & accessories
 Paint front door (see painting tips below)
 Embellish the door further with a new knocker and/or a polished-metal kickplate
 Add new matching house numbers – place them somewhere near the front door & make sure they are easily visible from the street, even at night.
 Make a small entryway more inviting with a pair of urns or planter boxes flanking the entrance, or display a hurricane lamp on a small side table next to the door
 To create drama, install lighting along a walkway, between shrubbery, or in trees
 Consider what indoor lighting looks like when viewed from outside. A light in a small round attic window lends character to a home’s exterior

A few tips on painting:

 Historical paint colors with grey undertones always work best for exteriors
Warning: the sun makes strong colors appear bolder and vibrant colors appear brighter. Save bright & vibrant colors for accessories like sun umbrellas, side tables or porch chairs
 Paint your front door with a strong color so that it stands out from the rest of the house
 The color of house trim should complement the color of the roof

These easy tips can dramatically increase your overall curb appeal and make your home look well taken care of, much more inviting and welcoming. This is your one and only chance to make a first impression…and you know what they say about first impressions!

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