Take Note

My kids say funny things… a lot! But I can’t always remember them when I’m looking for fodder for the blog. Someone once said to me, “Make sure you write this stuff down!” I really should have listened.

I’d have blog posts up the ying yang with the stuff my imaginative girls come up with…

There was the time when my oldest had swimming lessons and I forgot to pack underwear for her to wear home (she wore her bathing suit under her clothes to the swimming lesson). She announced loudly in the packed dressing room that she had no choice but to go “Tornado.” How she mixed up commando and tornado are beyond me but it was a hilarious moment in motherhood life.

Then, of course, there is the “perv” conversation we had no too long ago. My youngest asked what “pur” means (as in the French version of pure) but my gutter mind heard “perv.” Well, that was a tough convo until I discovered her innocent mind simply wanted a translation for French to English versus a whole discussion about how sometimes there are strange, sick people in the world. Can you say TMI?

So my advice to parents (new and old) is to keep a little blackmail book for your kids. Trust me, it will come in handy some day. Perhaps a few doozies you could share at their wedding, embarrass them in front of their friends, or something to refer to when you have a blog and are stuck for content. Oh, and one more piece of advice… include pictures. Like this one…


Or even these:

bribe3 bribe1 hairdos

Trust me, there are worse/better pics than these… but they’re for another time ;)

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