talent scout…great idea!

Here’s a picture from the current style at home (www.styleathome.ca) issue…it’s from their high/low decorating section.

Pay close attention to the artwork….I absolutely LOVE this piece.

Here, the art inspired the interior. The stylist pulled the wall color from the art saying, “the piece is so strong and bold, I thought it’d be fun to surround her in a sea of the same brilliant turquoise.”

And they made three other color suggestions pulled from the piece that could be anything from a bold wall color choice or more simply, accent colors for the room. Notice how that was done here.

The results are tremendous. And really quite simple. You can build the design scheme for a room around anything you love. Choose your jumping off point, then build step-by-step from there.

And I love the other idea included on the following page…

“Every child is as artist,” said Pablo Picasso, so color us lucky that student’s masterpieces are more affordable then professional artwork. Contact your local high school and ask to see the students’ art.”

Smart. Cost effective. And a fun way to support your local budding art community!

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