Target Opens Tuesday but …

Target opens to HRM on Tuesday but I visited the Sherwood Park and Red Deer Zellers to have a look at what a store looks like a couple months after they are open so quick observations.

  • They carry a higher end product than Zellers used to
  • the prices are on par with other Canadian retailers
  • the stores are cleaned and organized
  • the stores aren’t that busy

So you walk in the store and ar greeted by “Spot” bins of items, and Beaver Canoe.
the store is bright and clean

IMG_0096Hot wheels for a $1 same as they were at Zellers,
Pop culture Tees
and a modern looking electronics not that disimilar to WalMart but its Target Marketing on all the TV screens


I didn’t think Target bought Zellers but some Zellers brand names remain, Cherokee & Venturer
but then there are higher end names that you never got at Zellers like Dyson and Kitchen Aid mixersIMG_0097They are quick to clear stock as is evedent in this collection of Back to dorm style items, but they are just setting up the Halloween
I am going to regeret every moment of everyday that I didn’t by those 1D press on nails
and I have never seen little girls with matching sparkly hats in any other store

IMG_0099Starbucks on the way out the door, including 99c Soda, merchandising in places leaves something to be desired as you can see in the empty spaces.
The grocery area is roughly what WalMart had before the SuperCentre Makeovers

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