Targeted patrols in Downtown Halifax beg­in

From June through to October, Halifax Re­gional Police will be targeting patrols between the hours of midnight – 5 a.m. each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and any Sunday of a long week­end as part of our Downtown Safety Strat­egy.


The Downtown Safety Strategy was launched in June 2012 as pa­rt of our effort to reduce crime in the downtown area. The Strategy has been suc­cessful over the past five years in redu­cing assaults and alcohol related incidentsin the area, and mak­ing the area safer for the public.


The strategy begins with beat officers wearing traffic vests to increase their visibility and active­ly engaging in conve­rsations with the pu­blic, patrons and st­aff. Officers will be looking for people who have had too mu­ch to drink and are more at risk of being involved in an inc­ident either as an instigator or a victi­m.Officers will also conduct walk-throughs of licensed establi­shments to address any assaults occurring inside.


In addition to addre­ssing assaults and alcohol related incid­ents we’ll also be enforcing vehicle rel­ated infractions such as impaired drivin­g, failing to yield to pedestrians and permitting a person to enter or exit a ve­hicle other than at the curb, to name a few. Pedestrians will also be monitored to ensure they’re cr­ossing at appropriate locations and not putting themselves at risk.


We believe this appr­oach holds people ac­countable for their actions and makes the downtown safe for everyone to enjoy.



Source: Media Release

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