Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards

Last Thursday, November 5th, members of Taste of Nova Scotia gathered at the Prince George Hotel for the 2009 Taste of Nova Scotia Prestige Awards. This year, as opposed to a sit down dinner, small bites were presented at stations and then dessert was served to accompany the awards ceremony.

Guests were greeted by a special cocktail; the NovaScotito, Glen Breton Whisky, Cointreau, iced tea, lemon and blueberry. Not a bad start to the eventing! After taking in some of the Prince George Hotel’s creations, we moved into the dining room and toasted the winners with a glass of Grand Pre’s Blueberry Sparkling Wine. This year’s award winners are:

Taste of Nova Scotia Member of the Year
Michael Howell, Tempest Restaurant, Wolfville

Innovative Product of the Year
Baltic Porter, Garrison Brewery, Halifax

Exporter of the Year
Glenora Inn & Distillery, Glenville

Quality Driven Member of the Year
Fox Hill Cheese House, Port Williams

Restaurant Server of the Year
Sandra Gardner, Five Fisherman, Halifax

Cuisine of the Year
Chives Canadian Bistro, Halifax

Restaurant of the Year
Restaurant Le Caveau, Grand Pre

And on to the food…Since there were a lot of hot lamps around, most of these images have a amber-ish glow to them…couldn’t be helped!

Willy Krauch Smoked Salmon Napoleon w/ Herbed Cream Cheese

Crusted Blueberry Northumberland Lamb Chop
w/ Wild Blueberry Glaze

Cauliflower Fritters

Stuffed Mushroom w/ Indian Point Mussels and Smoked Bacon

Maple Wine Cured Smoked Salmon

Mini Venison Burger w/ Pepper Jelly

Kelp-Crusted Digby Scallop

Rabbit Wellington

‘Just Us!’ Coffee Panna Cotta w/ Caramelized Pears
& Brown Butter Ice Cream served w/Jost Ortega Ice Wine

As a parting gift, all guests received a bottle of Tideview Cider’s Premium Draft. That’s my kind of ‘swag’!

Humpday Holla!

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