Tatamagouche: The day the women went. Part 2

Tatamagouche, Nova ScotiaMy last post was about a day trip to the village of Tatamagouche. From holding adorable baby bunny rabbits at the farmer’s market to an impulse purchase of earrings at Holly’s Jazz and Jewels later, my sister and I stepped into The Chowder House for a quick bite. Judging by the lunch crowd, we thought for sure we’d be in for a long wait but were pleasantly surprised with efficient service.

Raven Gallery in Tatamagouche, Nova ScotiaBefore leaving town and onto our next stop, we took a quick jaunt into The Raven Gallery. At the front door we were met by owner/director Sharon McKenna who hurriedly hung up the phone to welcome us. The collection of local art was impressive and Sharon spoke with passion about how, after 6 years of opening the gallery, she is proud to say that 95% of the art on her shelves and walls is from Nova Scotian artists. In fact, Sharon likes to concentrate on works from artisans from the three counties of Pictou, Cumberland and Colchester.

Also impressive was the wall of “Young Artists” who are given prime space near the front of her store. This demonstrates how serious Sharon is about teaching art to budding artists. She said how, as a dyslexic student, her teachers encouraged young Sharon to use art as a way to learn and express herself. As a result of her artistic expressions, Sharon gained a scholarship and formally studied art thanks to resourceful educators. Now, this national award winning artist and book illustrator wants young
children to see art as a communicator and a confidence builder. “I want to give these kids a place to show their work, to be proud of what they’ve done”.

In case you were wondering about her dog, Sharon said it was at the vet.

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