Teachers will “Work to Rule” come December

Information via NSTU


On November 28th we announced our intention to begin a province-wide work-to-rule strike action on Monday, December 5th.  

This will involve 9,300 public school members, which includes classroom teachers and specialist teachers, administrators, school psychologists, speech language pathologists, school board consultants, and other NSTU public school members who work for school boards and the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. The work-to-rule will affect all of the province’s eight school boards.


During work-to-rule, teachers will focus exclusively on teaching students in a safe learning environment, preparing and implementing lesson plans, and maintaining contact with parents/guardians of students who are at risk and/or have special needs. Nova Scotia students will continue to receive the best education we can give them.

Work-to-rule means teachers will stay in the classroom, but limit our work to demonstrate how much we do every day for our students that goes above and beyond, and shine a light on all the clerical tasks that prevent us from directly teaching students.

This was not an easy decision to make, but it is time for action. We recognize and appreciate that this may be an inconvenience to families in Nova Scotia however we believe this is a necessary first action to achieve better education for students in Nova Scotia for the long-term.”

Source: NSTU


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