Team Canada for the World Junior Surfing Championship

Below are brief profiles of four East Coast surfers who hope to compete in the  2010 Quiksilver ISA World Junior Surfing Championship in Auckland, New Zealand this coming January.

Getting to the other side of the globe is obviously very costly and all four kids are looking for funding and donations to help get them there.

Those who are interested in donating or would like more information can contact Canadian Surfing Association President John Fluke at or (902) 488-4252.

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Jacob Albury

Date of Birth: September 4, 1993
Born: Guelph, Ontario
Lives: Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Stance: Regular
Favorite breaks: Japans in Bahamas and
Gaff Point in Nova Scotia
Favorite board: 5′8″ Quiet Flight
Previous contests:

Nova Scotia

  • Shut up and Surf Classic: 1st place Open Boys, Quarterfinals in Open Men


  • BSA Summer Series 2009 final standings: 1st Open Juniors
  • BSA 2007/2008 Series final standings: 1st in Open Juniors

United States

  • 2008/2009 NSSA Southeast Region final ratings: 5th Open Juniors
  • Qualified for Open Men’s division at NSSA Nationals 2009 (Lower Trestles, California)
  • Quarterfinals in Open Juniors 2009 NSSA East Coast Surfing Championships, Sebastien Inlet, Florida
  • East Coast Surfing Championships, Virginia Beach 2005: Semifinal finishes in Open Boys and Open Juniors
  • NSSA East Coast Championships 2003 (Sebastien Inlet, Florida): 6th place finish in Open Mini groms

Favorite surfers: Peter Devries, Dane Reynolds
Hobbies outside of surfing: Xbox 360, skateboarding

Fundraising site
Surf Bahamas Profile
Surf Bahamas Article

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Connor Marsh

Date of birth: January 20, 1993
Born: Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Lives: Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Stance: Regular
Favorite break: Jennifers, Western Head
Favorite board: Simon Anderson IP swallow tail
Previous contests: World Juniors in 2007 and 2008; Numerous local contests.
Favorite surfers: Laird Hamilton, Rob Machado
Hobbies outside of surfing: Major Midget AAA hockey, guitar

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Isaac Norman

Nickname: Donkey
Date of birth: June 22, 1992
Born: Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Lives: Port Joli, Nova Scotia
Stance: Goofy
Favorite break: Western Head Point
Favorite board: 6′2″ x 18 1/4 x 2 1/4 JS Pintail
Previous contests: World Juniors in 2005, 2007 and 2008; Many local contests.
Favorite surfer: Rob Machado
Hobbies outside of surfing: Soccer and hockey

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Kris Rambeau

Nickname: Rambo
Date of birth: February 8, 1994
Born: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Lives: Eastern Passage
Stance: Regular
Favorite break: Braces or any beach break
Favorite board: JS 6′0″ Fat Fish
Previous contests: Shut up and Surf Classic
Favorite surfers: Julian Wilson, Taj Burrows
Hobbies outside of surfing: Skateboarding, snowboarding


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