Tempeh Loveh

I’d heard of this “tempeh” business for a while and I’ve never been into many soy and tofu products, so I never paid much attention.  But yesterday when I was picking up a few things at Planet Organic I was browsing their fresh made section and noticed they had some fresh made tempeh burgers with a side of sauce to go with them, so I thought, what the heck!


The ingredients on the label included: tempeh (organic soybeans, water, rhizopus oligosporus culture), organic green peppers, organic sushi rice, free range eggs, mayonnaise, sea salt, dry mustard, lemon juice concentrate, organic red onions, organic carrots, organic ketchup, organic quick oats, evoo, organic miso, dijon mustard, organic wheat free tamari, non-irradiated cayenne pepper, fresh dill


What a DELICIOUS combo!  The sauce on the side was a bit like chipotle mayo and I served it on an Ezekiel hamburger bun with a side spinach, tomato, red onion salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette (made with the good Williams Sanoma kind of course!):

      IMG_7587  IMG_7588


I loved it! And I’m bringing the other one for lunch tomorrow.  What a super duper power house of a supper!  A serving of soy tempeh is an excellent source of dietary fiber and soy protein. It is also a good source of folic acid, potassium, & iron which really is a pregnancy superfood!

Oh and I finally was feeling well this afternoon and got my buns to the gym!  It felt great, especially after a great day of healthy and nutritious food.  It feels soooo reassuring to start getting glimpses of feeling myself again 🙂

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