See the table being prepared? That is where I had lunch yesterday. By the time we ate, we were seated under an umbrella with a small vase of tulips no less, decorating our wee table. I had a salmon and broccoli quiche. Yum. Perfect start to vacation.

These are all test shots with my new p&s G11 Canon. I wanted to take a smaller camera with me. My Nikon is a heavy beast and to lug it around everywhere would be too much. These ones are all taken in auto mode. What I really like is that I can put this camera on manual too and adjust the iso, aperture etc.

It has a macro mode which excites me because I don’t have a macro lens for the other camera. When I look at the images full size, they are not as crisp as the Nikon but hey, I would hope not. I think they are just great for the camera it is. Leaving tomorrow, whee.

Video: HRM Public Works display in Grand Parade

Video: Chris Downey, Provincial Black Basketball Association