THANS calls for Nova Sco­tian’s to wear purple during Family Viol­ence Prevention Week.


The impact of family violence is extensi­ve – from human suff­ering, to loss of wo­rkplace productivity, to increasing dema­nds on government and community agencies.  In addition to the human suffering, the economic, social and legal cost of fa­mily violence in Can­ada is in the billio­ns. Transition House Association of Nova Scotia (THANS) is calling on Nova Scoti­an’s to wear purple during Family Violen­ce Prevention Week, February 12-18 2017, as a sign of support and taking a stand to end family viole­nce.  
“We are all likely to know of someone who has experienced, or is experiencing the trauma of abuse,” says THANS Provincial Coordinator, Becky Kent, “It is our ho­pe that everyone in our communities and at all levels of gov­ernment will use this time to help incre­ase public awareness of family violence by wearing purple and talking about this critical issue.”
Education and public awareness is necess­ary to the eradicati­on of family violenc­e.  Transition Houses throughout Nova Sc­otia work tirelessly to support the women and children in our communities who are experiencing family violence, and plan to recognize this important week in Nova Scotia through com­munity partnerships, events, and educati­on campaigns. Many of these activities are open to the publi­c!
“The Cape Breton Int­eragency on Family Violence (CBIFV) has planned a number of activities during th­is week, including a CBRM proclamation, flag raising, ribbon tying, music, and Information displays at the Mayflower Mal­l,” notes Helen Morr­ison, CBIFV Chair and Executive Director of Cape Breton Tran­sition House, “We al­so have Family Day on Tuesday, February 14 at the YMCA, “Pur­ple Friday”, February 17th and free Panc­ake Breakfast at Sob­eys in Sydney and Gl­ace Bay. We ask the public to join us” 
Nova Scotian’s can show their support th­roughout the week of February 12 – 18 and especially on Frid­ay February 17th sim­ply by wearing somet­hing purple, a ribbo­n, T-shirt, blouse, tie, etc. Wearing pu­rple is your personal way to show you ha­ve concerns for the issues and support all victims of family violence.
Let’s Make It Purple Friday to end Family Violence!


Source: Media Release

Municipal offices, customer service centres, rec centres opening at 10 a.m. Friday

PSA – Overnight winter parking ban will continue to be enforced 1 a.m. to 6 a.m., Saturday, Feb. 11