The 2013 Bookies…They’re back again!

The CBC’s annual readers’ choice awards, the Bookies, are back once again and like other CBC book programs (e.g. Canada Reads) the Bookies are shaking things up a bit this year.
Gone, at least for this year, are the traditional categories such as best fiction, best thriller, etc. Instead they are looking for categories like “The Box of Tissues Award for the Canadian Book That Made You Sob Uncontrollably “, “The Brangelina Award for Most Attractive Book Cover of 2012”, “Biggest Publishing Story of 2012”, and “The Overlookie Bookie Award for Most Underrated Canadian Book of 2012”.
Here are a few more details from the CBC Books website:
The open call for nominations begins Wednesday, March 13 and ends Sunday, March 24 at 11:59 p.m. ET. They are honouring books that were published last year (2012). Books that have been published so far in 2013 will be eligible for next year’s Bookie Awards. The nominations received from the public, along with recommendations from producers at CBC Books, The Next Chapter, and Writers & Company, will come up with the five finalists for each category. For more information visit the CBC Books website

The CBC Bookie Awards doesn’t offer a cash prize, only sincere appreciation for fine work … and a nifty Golden Bookie Beaver certificate.
Here are a few of last year’s Bookie Award winners:

The Beggar’s Opera (M)
by Peggy Blair
The Beggar’s Garden (M)
by Michael Christie
The Blue Light Project (M)
by Timothy Taylor



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