The Absent Attendee

See this picture from SOBCon? Don’t know what SOBCon is? Well it is more then just a bloggers conference it is a DO Tank. Earlier this year I wrote a post about how important online relationships are and well WON my way to this room of people. Many of my blogging heros where in this room. Well life through a curve ball and I couldn’t go. I was blessed enough the the founders of SOBCon let me pass my win on to another Canadian blogger. I gave my ticket to Scott Stratten..and if you are in the marketing world and don’t know who he is may I suggest you read his new book due out in August.

So what about the girl who didn’t get to go? The one who got stuck sitting at home?

Well I was the absent attendee! I was there in the room on Jenn’s computer, watching much of the action. I got to listen into some great sessions and some great panels. I followed the Twitter stream. I could feel the energy and love in the room as people brainstormed and blessed each others lives. Really I do not think you can really call it a conference but a mind meld of well just awesome people. The one thing I did miss out on was the table talks. I wish I had been where Scott was sitting for that part of the day.

What did I learn as the absent attendee?

Well there were many great quotes and take aways and if you follow the hashtag #subcon you will find plenty to smile about and learn from.

Some of my favorites:

From Chris Brogran: “You can’t eat a hug” How true that is! Sometimes people need more then just the pat on the back.They need the cash flow or the hand up. Notice I did not say hand out. In context Chris talked about struggling before he got to where he is today. I could so relate to that.

From Steve Faber: “Do what you love in the service of people who love what you do”. This can just work in so many areas of life.

From Liz Strauss: ” Raise a Barn”- It really does take many people working together to get things done. Who are you partnering with? Who is in your corner? Have I shown up at the barn raising. You need to be out there showing up.

From Terry Starbucker who said ” When at a fork in the road, Take it”.  I am at a fork and I am taking it. Little by little but this mom is taking it.

My biggest take away. The need for me to have a business mentor. I need to  take things to the next level. I have come far. But my dreams are big..I have planted flags and now I need to go after them. I need to be someone’s Greater Then Yourself project. I need the accountability and learning that comes from it. So that is my first task finding someone willing to take this mom on. I have much to give too so I am reaching out and finding more ways I can encourage and mentor someone who struggles are more then even mine. I want to encourage and lift up.

To all those who were at SOBCon thanks for all the love this weekend. I felt it on Sunday the most with all those shout outs! Thanks Terry and Scott for your kind words especially. Really I was sitting in bed watching the tweet stream and all of a sudden there was this cascade of love. thanks!! To Terry and Liz thanks for letting me send a Stand In. I am sure Scott appreciates it too.

I am thankful for a wonderful weekend of learning and growing even if I was at home ! Thanks for all of you who tweeted the weekend! I took away much even if I was here in Nova Scotia and not in Chicago. Hope to meet you in person next year!

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