The Amazing Race Canada – Yellowknife

This week on The Amazing Race: Canada, teams headed to “The Great White North” – Yellowknife and Yukon. Snow, snow, ice and more snow!

Roadblock: My Worst Nightmare

The Road Block this leg was one of Canada’s worst tradition – a polar bear dip.

I would NEVER willingly do this, but people do. I have trouble getting into a heated pool in the height of summer.

Of course, my fiancé and I argued excessively over who would have had to do this challenge. I would do anything to avoid it, but he hates the cold just as much as I do. We’re not very good Canadians. Just watching everyone jump in made me want to make a cup of hot tea, and it’s summer.

After the polar bear dip, teams had to go sign up for a flight to Yukon. Hal and Joanne got lost on the way there, and Jody and Cory accidentally signed up for Flight #3 when there was a slot left for Flight #2. Amateurs. I can’t BELIEVE that Jody and Cory actually asked Hal and Joanne to swap spots. They screwed up! You can’t ask another team to correct a mistake that YOU made. Jerks. I’m glad Team Bodybreak stuck to their guns.

Detour: Supply Run vs. Gold Rush

The first Detour option required teams to build a raft and deliver supplies. The second Detour required teams to saw a log in half, hit a target with a hatchet and complete a wheelbarrow obstacle course. Unsurprisingly, the doctors went for the raft and the bros went for the logs. Team Bro finished first, with the docs shortly behind them.

Meanwhile, Tim Squared had to memorize and recite the first four paragraphs of a poem for their speed bump. This was not a famous poem, either, and Young Tim really struggled. Luckily, the teams from the third flight still hadn’t arrived.

The sisters decided to use their Express Pass, which I think was a smart decision for them this leg. The other two teams on that last flight were physically stronger, and both Detours required strength. They knew not to even both with the tasks. The Hippies also had an Express Pass, but the raft Detour played right to their strengths. However, sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Jet and Dave arrived at the Pit Stop in first place, followed by the doctors and Team Bodybreak. The sisters arrived fourth by the skin of their teeth (they dropped their bags too early and had to run back for them) and Tim Squared came in fifth.

It came down to Jody and Cory vs. The Hippies, and I didn’t care much for Jody and Cory after the way they acted earlier in this leg. I was rooting for the hippies to stay in the race. That said, I obviously felt bad for the guy who had trouble running because he has two prosthetic legs. They arrived in sixth place, and good for them. I still think they’re poor sports.

I’m sorry to see the hippies go so soon, they were my episode one pick to win it all. Where did it go wrong? They seemed like such a strong team. It was a mistake to not use the Express Pass. Next week the teams visit Regina, and there’s a double U-turn to look forward to!

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