The Amazing Race – Sliding Into Home Plate

the-amazing-race-4-4The two-hour season finale of The Amazing Race kicked off with the teams heading to Belfast. Of the four remaining teams, I was vaguely rooting for the roller derby moms and assumed the hockey bros would win.

If you’ve seen the episode, click through for a quick recap!


The country singing blonds fell behind early on when Jen struggled to complete a Road Block that required her to jump into gross, cold, mucky bogs.

Beacon of Hope

Caroline and Jennifer

The next challenge required teams to act as servers and correctly deliver four course meals to snooty patrons. Max and Katie did very well, while the hockey bros and the roller derby moms really struggled. In fact, Mona and Beth were so incredibly bad that even though Jen and Caroline were able to almost catch up – but they selected a different Detour and had to complete some graffiti art instead.

Max and Katie arrived first, and Bates and Anthony in second. Mona and Beth eventually delivered the food correctly and arrived to the pit stop in third place. I’m glad they made it to the finals, but when it came down to them and the blonds I realized how indifferent I felt about all the teams.

Men In Black

Teams started the final leg by taking a ferry over to London, England, where they’d order a pint and find out what their final location was – Washington, D.C.

In D.C., one team member had to run around shouting a code phrase at dudes in sunglasses and suits. When they found the right one, the dude would hand off a briefcase. A particular combination of their finishing placements from three legs would open it and reveal a clue. Bates and Anthony arrived to that challenge behind Max and Katie, but finished first. Mona and Beth arrived much later, but still finished a little ahead of Max.

Play Ball!

The next challenge was baseball related – in a much more interesting way than usual. One teammate had to dress up as a baseball mascot, while the other ziplined towards them and threw a ball. It took poor Mona and Beth 17 tries to complete.

For the final challenge, teams had to dive into a giant ball pit of globes, and pick out the ones with countries they’d visited highlighted. Then the globes had to be put in order. Bates and Anthony had quite a lead, and finished the challenge before anyone else had even arrived.

bates and anthony

Bates and Anthony

It’s not surprising that Bates and Anthony won. They certainly deserved it – they won lots of legs, and it’s on the other teams for not trying to use a U-Turn against them in previous legs. So good for them! This was not my favorite season, but the finale was alright. What did you guys think?

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