The Art of Hugging

HUG [huhg] – verb : to clasp tightly in the arms, especially with affection; embrace 
See also: Something my ridiculously cute 15 month old son does.

Cameron wasn’t born knowing how to hug, but he was born with a desire for closeness; a desire that was recognized during those initial skin-on-skin moments. There, while nurses swarmed and doctors filled out paper work, we shared our first hug as my fresh baby was placed on his exhausted mother as separate entities for the first time. Sweet. Warmth. Love. Natural.

That closeness was beautiful. My baby melted into me while my arms wrapped around him. But for Cameron, learning the art of wrapping his arms around someone and squeezing took practice.

This weekend, Cameron showed everyone what a great hugger he has become. We had a playdate with some new-to-Cameron Australian friends. My little boy decided that Jace, a boy six months his senior, was his new best friend. Cam couldn’t keep this new-friend enthusiasm to himself. So he hugged Jace. And he hugged Jace some more. And then he hugged Jace again.

And Jace ran to his mother with fear in his eyes like any self-respecting Australian who is being accosted by an overly friendly Canadian.

Photo taken Saturday, June 11th
Jace and Cameron

Winning the Worst Mother of the Day! award, I couldn’t help but laughing. I was just so amazed at my little hugger. Cameron is good at hugging his Dad and me. Other close adult family members will sometimes get hugs (your chances will improve if you offer Cameron ice cream), but I have never seen Cameron hug another child.

But on Saturday I learned that my boy is friendly.

It was so cute to watch, even though poor little Jace was made to feel rather uncomfortable by the whole experience.

Eventually I’ll have to teach Cameron boundaries, but for now, I am thrilled to encourage this loving attitude. More often than not we find ourselves needing hugs more than we receive (or give) them. So if my little boy is brightening the world around him by giving out hugs, I am going to cheer him on (and then steal a hug for myself).

So today, why don’t we all take a cue from Cameron and go practice the beautiful art of hugging.



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