The Bachelor – Recipe for love or insanity?

The Bachelor – Recipe for love or insanity?

For years now I have been hooked on what I consider to be one of the smuttiest series on TV. The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Season after season I have resisted and then caved and watched people’s relationships go into flames.

Who would have thought that dating 25 people at once, going on the most insane and unrealistic dates of all time and not having to worry about work, buying groceries, looking after your pets, kids, and family members would give you the wrong impression of someone! So far after 21 seasons, Trista and Ryan from the first season of The Bachelorette are the only couple to get engaged on the show, get married and stay together.

As if The Bachelor / Bachelorette wasn’t enough, last year The Bachelor Pad was introduced. Memorable personalities from various seasons of the existing shows were brought together in a house Big Brother style. You can only image what went down in house full of super hot people crazy enough to go on TV to find love in the first place. It was insanity.

The finale of the Bachelor Pad aired one week ago Monday, and I got to thinking – how do these people seem to fall in love so quickly? And also how does Michelle Money have SUCH GREAT HAIR?

The second question will likely remain a mystery, but seriously. I’m not hating on falling in love at all. In fact I’m quite a big supporter of finding a great partner to share your life with, but I can’t wrap my head around what I saw go down on The Bachelor Pad this season.

Let’s take  a look at Holly Durst for example. Holly was first a contestant on The Bachelor, then she met former Bachelorette contestant Michael Stagliano, they fell in love, got engaged, broke up, got back together, broke up again and then 3 months later, both ended up on this past season of Bachelor Pad.

It looked like there was a chance that Holly and Mike would get back together, but alas, Holly fell for Blake instead. On the finale of Bachelor Pad it was revealed that Holly and Blake got engaged.

Some quick math – Holly and Michael break up 3 months before the show, the show films for TWO WEEKS ( yes TWO WEEKS), and then there is like a month or so before we see the finale. So in the matter of five months Holly went from being engaged from one guy to another. How the hell does this happen?

Then there is Ames, a fan favourite from Ashley’s season who on the finale tells the audience that he has broken up with Bachelor Pad cast-mate Jackie that he had sacrificed the $250,000 prize for. Ames talks about how dating in the real world made him realize that Jackie was not really the one for him. Jackie tells Ames she didn’t leave her room for a week when he dumped her. Everyone boo’s poor Ames for being honest – but why?

In real life, if you dated someone for a week and they never phoned you again you wouldn’t even think twice. If I walked around talking about how after my week long relationship ended I was so upset because I thought I would marry the guy, my friends would check me into the looney bin without a doubt.

And it’s not just Jackie and Holly, there are countless others every season who fall in love at light speed and then can’t understand why it just won’t work out.

Is The Bachelor, Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad truly a place to find love, or is it merely a clever ploy to get those who love love more than the rest of us all in one place so those of us at home can watch them self-destruct?


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