The Bachelor – Rock Climbin’ Roller Skatin’

bachelor This has been a pretty boring season of The Bachelor so far. There are some nice girls, and sure, Tierra is playing the role of Villain. But has anything worth talking about happened yet? Not so much. I find myself really wishing that Ari had been chosen for this season instead of this Milquetoast hunk.

Anyway, let’s get to the review. Maybe two or three more episodes before I might start knowing everyone’s names.


SELMA The first date this week went to Selma, the tiny, adorable San Diego girl who showed off her Arabic language skills last week. She’s a dressy girl, but Sean took her rock climbing in the desert. Backpacks, athletic clothes and sweat. So romantic!

Over dinner, Sean told Selma about his dating history and Selma told Sean about her strict Muslim upbringing. Selma’s from Iraq and was raised Muslim, so her being on The Bachelor isn’t exactly something her conservative family would be comfortable with. In fact, she admitted that her mother wasn’t happy that she was going on the show. Therefore, Selma told Sean that she couldn’t kiss him on camera.

Sean said he understood and gave Selma a rose. I thought they seemed to have some chemistry, but I wouldn’t predict Selma being one of the last two women left.

…And Roll…

bachelor sarah Really, you guys? Making the girl with one arm play ROLLER DERBY? That’s harsh. Balance was obviously going to be a challenge for Sarah. I laughed when Robyn fell down, because Robyn was also laughing. But Sarah was so nervous, I felt bad for her.

Which girl was being so supportive? I didn’t catch her name. As cheesy as it is, I liked the girl who encouraged Sarah to go for it. After a pep talk from Sean, Sarah decided to try it again.

Amanda was the most confident all along, and had actually told the other girls she’d played before to intimidate them. Then, boom. She hit the floor face-first. Karma? That’s what you get for acting like a big shot.

tierra-the-bachelor1 The after-party was all about Tierra’s meltdown. She lost it over the littlest thing, and she might have fooled Sean but I think everyone watching at home has her number. She was just waiting for an opportunity to throw a tantrum so that she could cry, go find Sean and have him comfort her. Did you see that devilish look after Sean finished comforting her and went to get the rose? I can’t believe he gave her the rose. Pathetic! Tierra is craft, but she has nothing on Courtney (of Ben’s season.)

…and more rocks

leslie The second one-on-one date this week went to Leslie, a Florida poker dealer. That location and career raises my suspicions, but I’m trying not to judge. (Totally judging everyone, all of the time.)

The theme was “pretty woman”, because there is always a date with a pretty woman theme. Nothing stirs up feelings of self-righteous anger and jealousy like watching a woman pick out expensive clothes and jewelry for her date with “the bachelor” while pouring over the Internet looking for a reasonably priced, not hideous wedding dress.

I almost fell asleep during the rest of the date. Bo-ring. Obviously Sean was also dozing off, because he didn’t give her the rose. Leslie left with some words of warning, but they were vague – “some girls” aren’t “here for the right reasons”. What? Name names, lady! What have you got to lose at that point?

And, Dumb as Rocks

I can’t believe how Sean is falling for Tierra’s act hook, line and sinker. How dumb can he be? He recognizes that she needs almost constant reassurance, yet instead of saying “I’m gonna cut that insecure nut-job loose” he says that she’s just “emotional” and “sensitive”. Barf.

Speaking of Tierra, that conversation with Robyn was uncomfortable. You’ve got to love hate a girl who can say “And that was on you” and then also call it an apology.

Going into the rose ceremony, only Selma and (sigh) Tierra had roses. Katherine, Desiree (did we even see her this week?), Lindsey, Lesley, Robyn, Ashley, Sarah, Jackie and Daniella received roses.

No rose for Amanda! Karma strikes again. She rubbed me the wrong way all along.

I can’t believe this show is on TWICE next week. Monday and Tuesday. Go ahead, miss it. You can always count on me to catch you up.

The Bachelor – Rock Climbin’ Roller Skatin’


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