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The Bachelor – Tuesday Bonus Episode

bachelor Tuesday night’s bonus episode of The Bachelor saw Sean and his girlfriends heading to my home country of Canada. Hopefully with better results than this summer’s The Bachelor: Canada, which I did not watch but assumed was a disaster.


Date #1 – Catharine

Sigh. First HIMYM, now The Bachelor. Americans! Canada is not just one giant blizzard! We get a brief summer. (It’s a large country. Some places actually get quite hot in summer months.) Here on the East coast, we have a beautiful fall. Don’t believe these myths! (That said, it’s winter right now and I freaking hate it. I’ve never been to the part of the country where this was filmed, but it looked miserable.)

Sean and Catharine went sledding – not wearing any hats! Amateurs. I don’t leave the house without a matching hat/scarf/mitten set. I knew I hated Catharine when she said “I haven’t had hot chocolate since I was four”. Hot chocolate is the best! I was, no lie, drinking hot chocolate when she said that. I almost spit-taked it.

catharine OK. The ice castle was cool. Even I can admit that. Inside, Catharine told Sean a horrible story of being 12 and seeing her best friend killed in a freak accident at camp. Yikes. I know that was a relevant story in that, you know, it shaped her personality. But I always feel awkward when people break these stories out on first dates on The Bachelor. Sob story = rose, so of course Sean gave one to Catharine.

Group Date – Louise (The Lake, That Is)

Group date time! I love that once again, Tierra was denied a solo date with Sean. The date was canoeing – not my jam. The color of the water was pretty, though. But once they crossed the lake, Sean told them they could do a polar bear dip, if they “wanted” to. Like anyone had a choice. Ha! I would NEVER do this! Elite Canadian club? More like idiot club! It’s never a good sign if an EMT needs to be present for your date.

I loved Selma for flat-out refusing to do it. She hated the desert, and then she hated the cold. A girl after my own heart.

Everyone except Selma went through with it, and they squealed and shivered. And of course, as we knew from countless previews, Tierra managed to have some kind of medical emergency. Tierra was taken back to the hotel to shiver, and the other girls arrived cheering with glee. Was Tierra’s incident real or fake? They didn’t need to take her to the hospital, so I’m guessing it was at least partially put on.

While Tierra stayed at the hotel trying to wiggle her toes, the other girls met Sean for the requisite cocktail party. Sarah still stands out to me as one of the sweetest girls – she brought some family and childhood photos to share with Sean, which is always a move that goes a long way.

Once again, Tierra zipped up her boots and left the hotel to surprise Sean. Isn’t this getting predictable? The awkward silence in the room when she arrived was amazing. “We have a Tierrarist”, Lesley quipped. And in fact it was Lesley, and not Tierra, who got the rose. Score one for the smart girls!

Surprise! Sean’s a jerk.

sarah Wow. After Sarah showed Sean how important her family is to her, he decided he NEVER wanted to meet them EVER, and sent her home. How could he send home that sweet girl, and keep a drama queen like Tierra? Disappointing. The “first date curse” strikes again, but mostly this guy is just a jerk.

Date #3 – Desiree

This was Des’s second individual date with Sean, and Daniella wasn’t happy with that. Homegirl should just be happy she wasn’t abruptly sent packing like Sarah was.

Des’s ddes ate was – surprise! – physical. Obviously, Sean is looking for an outdoorsy girl. Why not just have them compete in a triathlon for his heart? Or, apparently, have a tree-climbing contest.

Over dinner, Des told Sean that she grew up without much money, and sporadically lived out of a tent, a trailer, or tiny apartments. Man. It’s going to be awkward when Sean takes Des home and she sees that his niece’s playhouse is larger than anywhere she lived as a child.


The cocktail party was uneventful compared to last night’s. Selma kissed Sean and it was awkward – totally not worth bringing shame to her family. Lindsay was weird and giggly. AshLee pulled some creepy 50 Shades of Grey crap that must have had that one girl from the first episode screaming in frustration.

Catharine, Lesley and Des already had roses, and Sean had three more to hand out. I was surprised two more girls would be getting axed, since Sean had already sent Sarah home. Lindsay, Ashlee and Tierra got roses. Argh.

First of all, I feel like he’s already chosen Tierra and everything else is for show. Second of all, why did he let poor Selma kiss him on TV when he was about to dump her? That’s so mean and selfish! This guy is the worst.

Two episodes in one week was way too much for this show. It’s so bad this season, it’s not even easy to mock. This is a disaster!

The Bachelor – Tuesday Bonus Episode

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