The Bay shoe clearance haul

There is this awesome shoe sale at The Bay that you should run and check it out ASAP (if you haven’t already). Those shoes of less than CAD120 regularly are sold for CAD19.99 a pair, and those between CAD120 and CAD250 are CAD29.99. The sale is supposedly going on till October 2, but by the look of the shelves today, I don’t think it would last that long.

This is what I could find late afternoon today, for sizes between 5.5 and 6 depending on the style, in the order of height, CAD19.99 each. If you are in sizes 8 and up, your chance is better than mine as it was very limited what I can find for my little feet.

Fergalicious (by Fergie) Queen wedges in Blue Denim, reg. CAD90, comes with a Thank You card with Fergie’s signature on it. She said I rock, lol, how did she know? Just joking.

I was searching for a pair of wedges and saw these. At first the colour didn’t really speak to me (it’s darker IRL, true blue denim colour), but then the pretty pattern on the inside of the straps, plus the fun stitches running along the platform did make a good selling point. The wedges are quite high, I’ll have to test them out longer to see if they are comfortable, but I liked them so far.

There were a few more Fergalicious styles but I couldn’t find my size. Maybe that was a good thing, or I could have bought more.

Bandolino The Finest in Bronze, reg. CAD100, previously down to CAD69.99.

Squirt and I both agreed that I should get this pair, as it is really pretty and unique – to my shoe wardrobe at least. I don’t have anything bronze, and the snake-skin pattern on the straps is awesome. The flowers (grey on one side and black on the other) add more spice on top of that, and I have my favorite shoes of the bunch. The picture can’t even come close to showing you how awesome the shoes look.

Now the height would take some getting used to for me, as I don’t wear heels often (weak ankles).

Expression Joplin sandals in Black, reg. CAD49.

This pair was the last one I found from a very limited selection in my size. I was on the fence about the light coloured woven soles, not sure they would be comfortable. But the chiffon flowers on the straps were pretty hard to resist (again). See a pattern here?

I don’t know anything about this brand, but based on the original price, it is in the lower range than other brands I picked up today. Not that I discriminate the brand, just an observation.

Jessica Simpson Calkax sandals in the colour Frost, reg. CAD90, had been discounted to CAD69.99 before the sale.

The soles are in light beige/ champagne colour and the metal straps are white. I would vote for black soles, just so the shoes stay clean looking a little longer, but I like the style enough to put up with this colour 🙂

I left the paper padding in, as the embedded “jewels” and little metal beads would bring the straps flat down on the soles and you can’t see the style. The sandals look a lot more lovely on, but I won’t torture you with a pic of my feet lol.

So if you have a The Bay near by, check out the sale and let me know what you find. Stocks vary among stores, and staff told me they won’t restock once stuff is gone. Good luck!


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