The Bees Knees – Theme Songs

The Bees Knees – Theme Songs

One of the first things I thought of when I woke up this morning was – I forgot we have a theme song! After watching the first couple of episodes of New Girl I fell in love with the idea of having a theme song and was a little bit bummed that I didn’t have one. (Lucky for me my memory re-gifted me with ours this morning).

When you’ve got a theme song the world is your oyster and even on the toughest days it can bring a smile to your face – so long as you choose the right one. If you’ve never had a theme song before you might ask – well how does one go about choosing the appropriate song? We’re here to help you out.

Never pick your theme song when you’re mad.

If you are having an off-day and pick the wrong song chances are you’ve effed yourself for some time to come. For example. You’re down in the dumps and you decide hey – I’m going to go all Ally McBeal on myself, start smile therapy and give myself a theme song. Because you’re a bit down in the dumps you pick “Break Stuff” by Limp Bizkit. Now you’re stuck with negativity oozing through your veins as you walk down the street, not to mention a horrible mental picture of Fred Durst.

If you can’t get it out of your head – chances are it’s the right song.

Rebecca Black has earned her way into our heads for life because she sang a song about a day of the week that everyone is obsessed with. Every Friday for the rest of our lives we will wake up singing “Gotta get down on Friday”. And admit it, secretly you love it.

Pick a song you know all of the words to.

Often times people THINK they know the words to a song but it turns out they are horribly wrong. Let’s take “Battlefield” by Jordan Sparks. For the longest time I thought the line in the chorus went “You better go get your own love”. I heard this song over and over again on the radio busting out the lyrics as if I had written them. Then one day at the gym I ran into a friend who thought the lyrics were “You better go get your mama.” This got me thinking. Could I have the words horribly wrong? Is Jordan Sparks ready to throw down with her ex’s mama rather than telling him to beat it? I turned to Google only to find out the lyrics actually were “You better go get your armour”. So she’s still ready for a fight but at least it’s not with someone’s mom. So don’t make this mistake. Google your words. The last thing I want happening to you is to end up with a theme song with a chorus that you think is “Shamu, the mysterious whale” when it’s really “She moves in mysterious ways.” Got it?

Pick a song that you can choreograph sweet dance moves to.

Seriously. Why would you even consider having a theme song if you couldn’t burst into spontaneous dance while walking down the street? People live for those moments when everything is going so well they just start bopping around and next thing they know they’re part of some impromptu number from Grease in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon.

If you’re still feeling uninspired you can borrow ours for now!


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