The Best Dessert Invention Ever

I’ve officially declared myself a culinary genius with this recent discovery. I don’t know how I come up with these things, but it’s surprising that I’m not 1000 pounds with these delicious discoveries.

We love having a little dessert in the evening after dinner (who doesn’t?), and we’ve really taking a liking to having frozen yogurt with semi-sweet chocolate chips sprinkled on top. I know you’re thinking yeah yeahokay lady big deal yogurt and chocolate chips?! BUT! hang on… the genius part is coming! Okay ready? Add a spoonful of PEANUT BUTTER to your frozen yogurt and chocolate chips. Honestly this dessert is a joke to create, but do not underestimate it’s potential to knock your socks off.

All you need is:

The Best Dessert Invention Ever
Vanilla Frozen Yogurt (Any brand will do)

+The Best Dessert Invention Ever1 spoonful of Peanut Butter (natural preferably)


The Best Dessert Invention Ever
TBS (or so) of Semi-sweet Chocolate Chips


You’ve died and gone to dessert heaven

To make: simply scoop desired amount of yogurt into a small bowl, add a spoonful of peanut butter and chocolate chips then stir stir stir. Keep stirring your yogurt until smooth, if you stir long enough your yogurt will resemble soft serve ice cream.

With just a hint of peanut butter and some chocolate chips this dessert is sure to kill that sugar craving! Not the healthiest recipe I’ve posted, but it’s okay once in a while. Beware this dessert is dangerously good! Eat at your own risk. 

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