The Best Games to Stay Healthy

Pandemic affects our health negatively. There are several ways to get rid of such emotions, for example, to chat with friends, play at the gambling platform via an Avalon78 Casino login, or watch a comedy movie. One more way to stay healthy and energized is to play these games.

Ring Fit Adventure

In an adventure RPG, you can not only pump up your hero quite a bit but also yourself. Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Wii comes with a foot sensor and a ring to hold in your hands. It is with these that the game is controlled. And then everything is as usual: you create your hero, pass quests and kill monsters. Only to move within the game, you need to run on the spot, and to slay the monster – to perform a set of exercises. Be careful – the game is addictive. Especially enthusiastic can lead to overtraining. And don’t forget to do your warm up before you hit play.

Dance Central

An improved version of the popular Just Dance game for XBox. Over 650 dance-related moves, 32 tracks, and the ability to play alone, enter a battle with a friend, and take dance challenges.

The 2019 version is made for the Oculus Rift virtual reality device – a hundred percent feel like you’re on the dance floor. The game will teach you how to dance and count the number of calories burned during your workout.

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)

The progenitor of dance computer games. Dance Dance Revolution first appeared in 1998 in Japan in the form of an arcade game, and since then the whole world started dancing by putting your feet to the illuminated squares and arrows. Now DDR exists for almost all known consoles, and you can play it alone, in pairs or even in a group. It is especially cool to involve the audience, so they can appreciate not only the technique, but also the artistry of the performers. And let them applaud, applaud!

Pokemon GO

It’s the best game of 2016. It is certainly hard to put it in the fitness category, but it will make you walk more. You think 10,000 steps is a lot? Not if you have to collect all the Pokémon. Install the app on your smartphone and start searching: pokemons are everywhere in the city, but they’re clever at hiding. 


A boxing simulator from the ’80s. Punch-Out!!! was once played on the Dandy. In the game, you have to go into the ring and fight with famous opponents to eventually become a great boxer. Only now the creators suggest striking while balancing on the Balance Board for Nintendo Wii. So not only your character will have to work hard to win, but also you.

Shape Up

If you’re bored with treadmill running and pushups, Shape Up for XBox is designed to turn your workouts into fun missions. For example, you can kill aliens by pumping your abs and get yourself to the moon by doing squats. 

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