The Big Bang Theory – We Now Pronounce You…

The Big Bang Theory – We Now Pronounce You… Who would’ve ever thought Howard Wollowitz would be the first of the gang on The Big Bang Theory to tie the knot? But he did it! On last night’s season five finale, he took one giant leap forward for himself and one small step forward for mankind. (I mean, going into space isn’t a giant step anymore, considering even monkeys have done it.)

The episode was sweet and funny, just like the rest of this season has been. The final scene, in which everyone help hands while watching Howard get shot up into space, was the perfect way to end a season that has delivered a lot of growth for the characters. Penny and Leonard are together. Howard and Bernadette are married. Sheldon actually chose to hold Amy’s hand. Now we just need to sort out Raj, who help Bernadette’s hand for moral support as her new husband was sent into space.

The episode was done mostly in flashback form, with Howard in the rocket recounting how his wedding had been moved up. They couldn’t get in at city hall, so they ended up having a lovely rooftop ceremony that coincided with the Google satellite passing over them. It was a cute, nerdy touch.

We didn’t get to meet Howard’s mother, but I suppose that’s really something to save for the series finale – if we ever get to meet her at all. She was present, though, loud and clear. And all of Bernadette and Howard’s friends were ordained as ministers online, so they could all marry their friends. It was really cute.

The Big Bang Theory – We Now Pronounce You… What did you guys think of the finale? Are you as pleased as I am at how this season played out? I’ll never be able to love The Big Bang Theory on the same level I do Parks and Rec or Community, but I’ve always thought The Big Bang Theory rises above other comedies of its laugh-track, broad humor nature.

Favorite Joke: “May you find as much happiness with each other as I have on my own.” – Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory – We Now Pronounce You… The Big Bang Theory – We Now Pronounce You… The Big Bang Theory – We Now Pronounce You…


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