The biggest US CP haul

This post is to prove how much Canada has been missing out in the beauty world. My CP package from the US arrived couple days ago. Awesome products, and we were able to pair up some godo sales too.

First off, Wet n Wild. The Maritimes is lucky to have Lawtons who carries the brand but not all LE collections make it up North.

Here are two of the latest trios they released in the Tough Girl collection – I Don’t Do Camouflage and Enlisting for Beauty.

At this point, I am not sure Canada will get this collection as the last collection I saw was the Pop Art Craze.

Since these were on sale for $2 each, I did not want to miss the chance. Temptalia hasn’t been giving the Pop Art Craze very good grades, I hope these are better.

Similarly, with Physicians Formula, certain products seem to be either not available here at all or out of stock all the time, as I couldn’t find them anywhere.

When these were on BOGO plus +UP reward, I couldn’t help myself:
– Matte eyeshadow quads in Canyon  Classics and Classic Nudes, $7.25 each reg.
– Shimmer Strips eyeliner trios in Warm Nude Eyes and Hazel Eyes (the later shade is available in Canada, I think), $11.95 each.

Notice a trend so far? I’ve been into matte and neutral eyeshadows lately, almost feel like I need to collect all the matte neutrals or something lol. I heard these are good ones.

These Milani rose blushes are LE and Canada won’t be getting them, which made me want them even more.

I got Warm Petals and Romantic Rose, retail $9.49 a piece, also on Extra Bucks promo at the time.

Reviews on YT have been mixed though, some raved about them, some said they weren’t anything special.

This Maybelline Dream Sun bronzing face illuminator ($9.49) was a LE product quite a while ago. I almost had no expectation of my friend being able to find it but she did. Feels like I own a piece of “history” lol.

Also from Maybelline are the LE Color Sensational lipsticks in Lavender Voltage and Violet Intrigue, reg. $7.99 on BOGO1/2.

The On the Runway collection hasn’t showed up in Canada, I don’t think. Maybelline Canada did mention the Color Show Vintage Leather will arrive soon though, so let’s hope for the rest.

One of the latest raves in the drugstore range is Jordana‘s new products. The brand is not available in Canada, so no chance of me getting anything.

My friend got me the Twist and Shine moisturizing balm stains in Cranberry Crush, Sweet Pink and Honey Love ($2.99 each), and a 12hr Made to Last eyeshadow pencil in Eternal White, $3.99.

I could have asked for the whole line at this kind of price, but I tried to be good there 🙂

Same availability situation with Jordana is Flower Beauty. I told myself that I only wanted to try their cream eyeshadows and asked for 4 (4, $7.98 each).

First row: Orchid-ing Around, Midnight Garden.

Second row: Awesome Blossom and Time Willow Tell.

I haven’t swatched them, but first impression, these have bulkier packaging which will take up more space in storage. I might look pass that if the quality is good 🙂

The biggest rave of them all recently is the L’Oreal (LE) La Lacque lip colours.

As I mentioned before on this blog, L’Oreal Canada confirmed that we won’t get these, and they were not very easy to find in the US either.

My friend found Lacquer-ized, Never Lacque-ing and Lacque-onic for me, and even better, they were on sale, with +UP reward promo.

I am super happy to finally own these, almost want to ask for backups now. We might have better luck with the Revlon ColorBurst lacquer balms and matte balms as they are permanent, with wider colour range. The matter is when 🙂

Only a few nail polish from Salon Perfect, $3.98 each. Canada does get some the brand’s core shades but none of the special releases. So unfair, as their permanent colours are boring, I have to say.

I got:
– Zapped, Jolt and Kaboom from the Summer collection
– Ivy League, Cafe Ole, Red Dahlia (dupe of the famous Chanel Malice) and Raisin the Roof from the Fall collection.

There are certainly many more products and brands that I wanted from the US, but I stopped there, for now 🙂 I hope I don’t make my fellow Canadian readers feel too bad. We certainly have some good Canadian brands here who start opening their doors to (at least) the US market – Annabelle/ Marcelle, Lise Watier, as examples. Why can’t US brands do the same eh?

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